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    Booking for:

    Portland, OR: Aug 15-18
    Portland, ME: Sep 6-7
    Boston, MA: Sep 8-11
    New York, NY: Sep 12-15
    More Travel Locations/Dates On My Website…
    Info: hugovphoto@gmail.com
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  3. Model: fauxgrins 
    Hair/Makeup: Beauty By KV
    Photo: @hugovphoto
    Location: Boiler Room Studios where I shoot out of

  4. republicx:

    Silhouettes in the darkness by Martin Schapp. 

    Martin was born in Germany, Cottbus, 1985. He is a freelance photographer and graphic designer in whose portfolio you can found a lot of various works. However, I mostly liked these, dark ones. All of them have mysterious silhouettes with their own journey and story. 

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    let’s get ready for rumble … . Yeah!

    It’s like going to heaven, except you don’t have to die to get there. ;)


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  6. So hot… Not my picture… Just reblogged…

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  7. Travel Dates for 2014

    Long Beach/LA: June 6-8
    Denver: June 21-22
    San Diego/LA: July 3-8
    Salt Lake City: July 18-21
    Seattle: August 8-11
    Portland: August 15-18
    New York/Boston/Maine: Sept 5-16
    Las Vegas: October 3-6
    Phoenix: October 24-27
    Miami: November 14-17
    Denver: December 12-15

    Info: hugovphoto@gmail.com

    Tentative cities: San Francisco, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, ATL, Toronto, Montreal. This schedule will see mire cities added.

    Model: annaleebelle
    Photo: hugovphoto

  8. Love this girl… great friend!!!

    Model: Jordan Skye

    Photo: hugovphoto

    Hair: Beauty By KV

  9. This is pretty hot in those fetish shoes…

    Model: Jordan Skye

    Photo: hugovphoto

  10. Taking it way back…

    Model: Jordan Skye

    Photo: hugovphoto

    Hair: Beauty By KV

  11. Which crop do you like best? It is the same exact picture, but composition is a huge factor in photography. It changes the perspective SOOO much.

    In this example, I recropped the images to give it a softer, more sensual feel, whereas the original, uncropped image has a little more edgyness to it and it seems a little more sexual and uninhibited…

    What are your thoughts on this comparison?

    I think tightening up the shot, made the image a little more personal and intimate. The wider shot made the shot a little more inviting, sexual and more naughty (I think it is due to the fact that you see how far the legs are spread out, you see two breasts, you see the angle on the shoulders a little better, which is more exaggerated than the cropped one…)

    Model: Phoenixx Firebird

    Photo: hugovphoto

    Hair/Makeup: Leesa Simone

  12. Model: fauxgrins

    Photo: hugovphoto

    H/Makeup: Beauty By KV

  13. Model: Miss Wifey Lauren Nicole

    Photo: hugovphoto

  14. Model: Phoenixx Firebird from Grand Junction, CO

    Photo: hugovphoto

    H/MUA: Leesa Simone

  15. Miss Wifey: Lauren Nicole

    Photo: hugovphoto